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Typical Annual Boiler Maintenance

Typical Annual Boiler Maintenance Items:

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  • Check/test low water cut off
  • Test temperature/pressure relief valves
  • Check/clean/adjust pressure reducing valves
  • Check/set expansion tank air charge
  • Check gas train safeties
  • Check/adjust gas pressures
  • Check ignition sequence
  • Check/clean flame sensor
  • Check flame signal
  • Check/test high limit control
  • Check/test operator control
  • Check for gas/water/oil leaks
  • Check wiring and components on control panel
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Clean ignition components
  • Test pH on flue condensate (if applicable)
  • Check/replace nozzle (oil only)
  • Change oil filter (oil only)
  • Clean combustion air filter (if applicable)
  • Inspect/clean/adjust ignition electrodes
  • Check flue stack assembly
  • Boiler ignition tune up kit – (if applicable)
  • Test ignition transformer
  • Lube burner motor 
  • Clean burner assembly
  • Test burner remote emergency shut off switch
  • Inspect linkage rods
  • Test all safeties
  • Check/lube water pumps
  • Check amps/volts on pumps
  • Perform boiler blow down and verify proper operation
  • Inspect/clean combustion air louvers or vents
  • Check electrical connections on contactors
  • Check electrical connections on fuses
  • Check fuses for proper fit and tightness
  • Check amp draw on element(s) and blower motors
  • Inspect spark/pilot igniter and replace if necessary 
  • Inspect flame detector and replace if necessary
  • Inspect ignitor/injector and replace if necessary
  • Clean and replace condensate trap orifice, O-ring and gasket
  • Inspect Refractory
  • Replace air filter
  • Check safety controls

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