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Boiler Operational Checklist

Boiler Operational Checklist Items Can Include:

Two man inspecting a Boiler.
  • Disassemble and check LWCO (low water cutoff) and ALWCO (auxiliary low water cut off) for sludge, corrosion or electrical switch defects.
  • Verify and tune up burners and settings.
  • Inspect fire side for soot or damage and water side for scale or corrosion.
  • Hydro test boiler for leaks (tube joints and piping).
  • Inspect all refractory for fallen, cracked or broken pieces.
  • Check gas regulator pressure settings.
  • Replace or re-certify safety valves.
  • Bubble test fuel train safety shut-off valves.
  • Check all linkages on burner controls and on the automatic draft controllers.
  • Check air damper on burner.
  • Check valve operation in gas train.
  • Check pilot and igniter, look at the condition of the pilot flame.
  • Test limit controls on boiler.
  • Test flame detection controls.
  • Check blowdown for sludge buildup at bottom of boiler.
  • Verify blowdown separator and cooler operation.
  • Check floor drains for proper function.
  • Check boiler fresh air inlet screens and/or fans for adequate combustion air flow.

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